lane’s final journal

what a semester this has been! perhaps it’s a bit cliche to remark about how quickly this semester has flown by but it must be said! as the final dissemination of our project draws nearer, I have been trying to finalize my data and other contributions relating to our outreach plan.

I recorded myself chatting about my cemetery earlier this week for our podcast. hearing myself talk is not something i actively seek out (i typically avoid this) but i am learning to enjoy the process and even appreciate my own voice. Asma showed the group a sneak peak at our first episode!!! I’m looking forward to everyone being able to hear it because Asma is doing an amazing job at recording, editing, and mixing it together. anticipate some rad dreamy vibes!

during our team’s weekly meeting today, we set aside some time to choose crucial data points to add to the vertical timeline of our project. we were able to find some significant connections and overlap based on our decisions, which sparked some fun dialogue. this seems to be a pattern for the team as we are continually uncovering intersections of our cemeteries and how they relate to one another in the different deathscapes of the city. Lisa noted that they’re excited to compare the bits that we’ve composed for our cemetery pages as there are bound to be even more connections in our research than we realize.

this course, this project, my classmates, my team members; all have been so foundational for me this semester and have made this course such a joy, something that I look forward to every week. I have discovered so many things about myself: niche areas that pique my interest (necropolitics) and (debatable, of course) skills I did not know I possessed (crafting social media posts). I feel immensely more confident in myself as a student, teammate, and academic. while I can easily say that i feel more comfortable with prospective independent digital projects, the thought of doing it without my team saddens me! in a few of our meetings, the team has tossed around the idea of continuing this project for future class credit if something like that was even possible. regardless, we do have plans that extend after the end of the semester. Asma and I have a lot more ideas for our outreach plan that will ideally bring more awareness to MC!

if you made it this far, thank you for reading! see everyone on thursday 🙂


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