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Mapping Cemeteries is built with accessibility in mind; we understand access is a broad category that centers ability and learning styles alike, among other important considerations. We care about this scope, especially as it concerns the twofold pedagogical and reproduction priority of our project. We recognize audio as an opportunity to address an area of design; or to capture and playback the bits—for example a DH tip for troubleshooting—that interest our audience in another useful format for learning. We also recognize audio as an opportunity to reach our audience with known and unknown visual impairments—and varying accesses to supportive resources—through our project’s outreach. 

Mapping Cemeteries: After Life

Mapping Cemeteries: After Life is a limited series audio project in which we discuss Mapping Cemeteries, our Spring 2021 CUNY Digital Humanities timeline project on the deathscapes in New York City.

Listen to how we brought together multiple lines to map landscapes and practices that physically and notionally observe the people who have passed on. Though this limited audio series will capture fragments of our project, it provides sentimental and intellectual insights to our process and relationship to our humanistic topic that would not be otherwise known, or pertinent to the key user-facing aspects of Mapping Cemeteries. 

Episodes will debut in May 2021. Subscribe to our SoundCloud feed and stay in the loop to learn more about what lines brought us and our work together.

SoundCloud was selected as a primary hub for storing and manipulating audio data, and disseminating Mapping Cemeteries due to its reputation in audio hosting (storage), Rich Site Syndication (RSS) feed module, and playback features that do not require credentials (user registration) for our audience without an account.

Episode 1: “What Lines Brought Us Together”

This intro episode begins with the question we’re each answering along the way for Spring 2021. It tackles the “what” through a roundtable-styled introduction to each member, our roles, how we got started (Bri’s proposal), who it’s for, and, finally, “why mapping?”

Episode 2: “Our Deathscapes”

This is a remote episode that answers “what is necropolitics?” and “what does the application of it reveal about each of the investigations/cemeteries?” Each of us discusses our cemetery in relation to this for our remote recording.

Episode 3: “The Roundtable”

This episode brings the Mapping Cemeteries team back together following Episode 2 to discuss the relationships on our timeline. Through a remix of the question that opens the series, we reflect on what lines brought our cemeteries together. 

Audio Recording Equipment
Asma’s audio recording equipment
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